Blanket Fort Printmaking Show

Last winter, I collaborated with members from my print studio at BYO Print to put together an installation at The Art Dept. in Philadelphia. We wanted to make a work of art that would invite our visitors to explore, let go for a while and have fun. What better way to do so than build a “grown up” version of a blanket fort!

We created the skeleton/supporting frame of our fort entirely out of used printmaking materials such as rollers, tools, drying racks, and found furniture items. Each member contributed old, unused, or misprinted work, which was then collaged and silkscreened onto the frame and pieces of fabric for the roof.

Our fort included a comfortable reading area with artist zines and comics, fluffy pillows covered in prints, and a secret spy area equipped with crayons and a coloring book made by the members of BYO Print. The cozy ambience inside was topped off with the melodic bio-rhythms of a large fern, made audible by Sam Cusumano at – check it out!

In the gallery space outside the fort was a showing of recent prints from the BYO collective.  It was a lot of work, but was a very rewarding collaborative experience with a great turnout!