Processing – Entry 1

I am currently taking a processing and data visualization course! I am very excited about this endeavor; it is something I’ve been interested in learning for a while, but have not been certain where to get started.

For my first project, I was assigned to take a physical design that I have built in my design career, and create a new representation of it using basic geometric shapes in Processing. Visual stylistic choices should focus on the spirit and emotion of the design, its users and uses.

I decided to focus on the Rowhome music box (below) that I created for my first solo art show in Philadelphia. The full project can be seen at

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 11.55.49 PM

To start, I got acquainted with the basics of code for Java, and figured out where to place all the pixel locations for each shape. I am still working on capturing the mood of the piece, which I intend to do through color. I hope to have a looped blinking light coming from the window. Perhaps I can even attach the song that it plays! Stay tuned for updates as soon as I figure it out!